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Dr. Pollack’s Reviews from Milwaukee Area Pain Treatment Patients

Milwaukee Pain Clinic’s goal is to provide overall well-being and a better quality of life for people suffering from chronic pain. Pain and other symptoms can not only disrupt daily lives and activities, it can destroy relationships with family and friends. Many patients question whether non-surgical treatments for chronic conditions actually work until they try them. Continue reading to learn the success of our pain treatments and know there is hope to a pain free life. Our patients are always eager to share how much their pain has been reduced and even eliminated and how they wrongfully assumed surgery was needed for this type of relief.


  • Undivided Personal Attention

    "The staff was polite & courteous. Dr. Pollack spent quality time in the exam room & gave me undivided personal attention. I would recommend this neurology clinic to all my family & friends."


  • Headache Relief for Milwaukee Patient

    "I've been to many doctors, but Dr. Pollack is the only one who listened, diagnosed and controlled my headaches."

  • Patient from Butler, WI Finds Dr. Pollack’s Pain Treatments Effective

    "Dr. Pollack is knowledgeable and effective with impeccable manners and terrific communications skills"

  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment for Hopeless Muskego Patient

    "When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I went from doctor to doctor. I became so unhappy and disillusioned with my medical treatment that I just gave up seeking treatment. By chance, six years ago, Dr. Pollack was recommended to me. When I went to see him he immediately made me feel very comfortable. He really listened to every concern and issue that I had and set about resolving each and every one. Having Dr. Pollack as my physician has made dealing with a chronic illness much more bearable. I am so grateful for his excellent care."

  • Oak Creek Patient Finds Disc Pain Relief from Spinal Decompression Therapy

    "I was seriously considering back surgery until Dr. Pollack’s innovative lumbar decompression and injection treatments relieved my disc pain."

  • Non-Surgical Back Pain Relief Testament from Menomonee Falls Patient

    "I was told the only options for my back pain were medications and surgery. I was thrilled that I was introduced to Dr. Pollack who diagnosed my problem in an understandable way and relieved my pain with non-surgical decompression, prolotherapy injections and doable exercise.
    If you are told that surgery and medication are the only answers, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Pollack."

  • Germantown Patient Finds Back Pain Relief with Prolotherapy

    "After ten years of treating with doctors for my chronic back pain, it appeared my only option for relief was surgery. Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about Dr. Neal Pollack and his non-surgical options of treatment. I went in for my first consultation and immediately felt at ease. Dr. Pollack was able to correctly diagnose my condition and treat me without surgery or an excessive amount of medicine. I am thrilled to have met Dr. Pollack and happy to finally be pain free!"


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