When faced with the possibility of having surgery, it is wise to consider other effective options. Many people are choosing to heal naturally with Prolotherapy. The reasons are as follows:

1. Less Risk

Surgery cannot be undone. Once completed, permanent alterations occur. Potential complications include anesthesia reactions, infections, and scar tissue. Post-op recovery is often long, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.

Prolotherapy is an in-office treatment that requires no hospitalization or general anesthesia. There is no significant down time and formal post-op therapy is unnecessary.

2 .Cost-effective

Surgery and postoperative treatments are expensive. Being out of work for weeks to months is also costly.

Prolotherapy is economical. These regenerative therapies are often less expensive than surgical deductible insurance charges.

3. Efficient

Prolotherapy is a dynamic powerful injection technique that fortifies ligaments, tendons, and joints. Local inflammation is produced that strengthens and builds these tissues in a timely manner.

4. Fast Recovery

There is essentially no down time with Prolotherapy. Mild brief after treatment soreness may be experienced but there is no after care limitation of activities of daily living.

In most cases surgery is not the only answer.  Call 414-453-7780. You can be helped.