Get Pain Relief Treatment after Icy Accidents

Wisconsin winters are full of hazards. Ice can cause slip and fall accidents while scrapping snow off a car can lead to painful muscle strain. Winter sports contribute to even more injuries. These conditions can all lead to chronic pain if not effectively treated. Neurology & Pain Treatment Center of Milwaukee helps those with winter injuries get pain relief.

Slip and Fall Ice Injuries

Slip and fall injuries can happen just about anywhere on the body. It doesn’t take a lot of snow to make the ground slippery. Wearing boots or rubber sole shoes will make it safer to walk on icy areas. Go slowly when there is fresh snow on the ground, as this can hide black ice.

Winter Sport Injuries

Most winter sports injuries come from skiing. Leg injuries in the hips and knees are very frequent. Thumb injuries are also common due to holding ski poles for lengthy periods of time.

Other activities like snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, and hockey all cause thousands of injuries each year. Hockey injuries can be very wide ranging because of collision accidents. Padding and helmets are crucial pieces of protection when participating in sports.

Shoveling Injuries

  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Muscle strain

Lots of shoveling can strain the muscles of the body. Improper technique means the body has to work harder to lift and move the snow. Just a few minutes of shoveling can lead to deep muscle pain. Use salt or sand before it snows to make removal easier.

Scrapping snow off a car is another source for wintertime muscle strain. Stretching before going out will reduce the likelihood of injury.

Other Winter Injuries

Slippery roads can cause car accidents. Whiplash is incredibly common from drivers trying to regain control of their vehicles in icy conditions.

Treating Winter Injuries in Milwaukee

Neurology & Pain Treatment offers Milwaukee area patients pain relief from winter injuries. Our many treatment plans include:

A consultation with Dr. Neal Pollack will determine the right course of treatment for your winter injury.

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