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What Is Neural Injection Therapy?

Developed in Germany, neural therapy is a superficial skin injection technique frequently given around scars, nerves, trigger points, and autonomic tissue to relieve pain within the body. Neural therapy injections are an alternative, holistic treatment for chronic pain conditions. While common in Germany, the practice is rare in the United States. Fortunately, Dr. Pollack of the Neurology & Pain Treatment Center offers neural therapy right here in Milwaukee.

Spinal Pain Causes

Many people all over the United States suffer from back and neck pain, resulting in discomfort and a significantly lower quality of life. There are many causes of back pain, from injuries to degenerative joint diseases, so knowing the underlying issue of your back pain is the first step to finding back pain relief.

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Disc herniation
  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Spinal strains and sprains
  • Piriformis syndrome


How Do Neural Therapy Injections Work?

The idea behind neural therapy is that every part of the body is interconnected through the autonomic nervous system (ANS). All the nerves of the body communicate through electrical signals. When trauma occurs in the body, an interference field is created in the ANS. This leads to nerve “message” miscommunication. This means an obvious trauma in one area of the body may be responsible for seemingly unrelated conditions or symptoms.

How Many Neural Therapy Treatments Do I Need?

Three to six treatments are the average needed to achieve lasting improvements. Every case must be evaluated individually. It works by eliminating abnormal electrical interference fields and regulating autonomic nervous system (ANS) functioning. Malfunction of the ANS may produce pain, confusion, visual dysfunction, sinusitis, skin disease, arthritis, and many chronic degenerative conditions. If you have dealt with continuous pain for years, it is time for a consultation at Neurology & Pain Treatment Center. If neural therapy is not right for your pain management needs, Dr. Pollack will develop a treatment plan for your pain without resorting to invasive and expensive surgery.

The Benefits of Neural Injection Therapy

Neural therapy is a very safe treatment option for those dealing with chronic pain conditions, especially compared to more invasive surgical options. Organ puncturing during the injection process is extremely rare. Dr. Pollack always administers injections slowly and accurately to ensure the highest level of safety in each procedure he performs. An additional risk of neural therapy is an allergic reaction to procaine or lidocaine. A thorough exam and review of your patient history will help Dr. Pollack determine if you are an ideal candidate for neural therapy.

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