Cold Chronic Pain Management

The cold temperatures of Wisconsin winter can cause patients dealing with chronic pain to feel worse. Heat is a muscle relaxer, so it’s no surprise cold temperatures make muscles stiff. The constant cold for months on end can make pain levels unbearable. Staying warm is one solution. Another is pain relief treatments from Neurology & Pain Treatment in Milwaukee.

Common Pain Conditions Made Worse by Cold Weather

  • Arthritis: Patients with arthritis are more likely to have flare-ups when exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Migraines and Headaches: Changes in the weather can cause barometric pressure to change. For some, the drop of winter air pressure can trigger migraines.

Additionally, other conditions caused by winter can increase chronic pain. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression caused by a lack of Vitamin D from sunlight. Also known as the winter blues, this can affect people already dealing with chronic pain and make symptom management even harder to handle.

Temporary Chronic Pain Treatment

Wear hot pads and electric blankets at the site of the pain. Dress in warm clothes when indoors and bundle up completely before heading outside. The lower the temperature, the more layers you’ll need to keep the cold out.

Remember to keep moving to keep your body temperature up. Staying seated for too long can cause already cold joints to stiffen even more. When sleeping, use a winter comforter or electric blanket to stay warm.

Medication may help alleviate some symptoms but will not cure the cause of the pain. Another downside to medication is the potential for side effects and the risk of becoming addicted.

Find Better Pain Relief in Milwaukee

For long term relief, consider prolotherapy or a similar treatment from Neurology & Pain Treatment. Prolotherapy is a non-cortisone injection therapy used to treat the source of chronic pain conditions. There are no hospital stays or invasive surgeries.

Set up a consultation with Dr. Neal Pollack to determine if you are an ideal candidate for prolotherapy. There are other pain relief options, including neural therapy, spinal decompression therapy, and osteopathic manipulation.

Contact our Milwaukee clinic for an appointment to treat your chronic pain.