Athletes Trust Prolotherapy for Fast Results

Why Milwaukee Athletes Use Prolotherapy at Neurology & Pain Treatment

Injuries from sports and athletic activities are notorious for being difficult to treat and heal. Athletes want to stay active yet need to take the time to completely heal to reduce the risk of further injury. Surgery and bed rest simply take too long. Dr. Neal Pollack of Neurology & Pain Treatment offers Milwaukee athletes a faster way to treat their injuries and pain. Prolotherapy treatment is more efficient and affordable than surgery, letting athletes get back to their active lifestyles.

ProlotherapyforAthletes - Athletes Trust Prolotherapy for Fast Results

Efficient Treatment for Fast Recovery

Prolotherapy treatments are efficient. Injections are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning there is no need to check into a hospital for observation. Patients may receive 2-6 series of injections over the course of 2-4 weeks, far faster than the amount of time needed between scheduling and undergoing surgery.

Another benefit of prolotherapy is the fast recovery time. There is essentially no down time with Prolotherapy. Mild brief after treatment soreness may be experienced but there is no after care limitation of activities of daily living.

Affordable Pain Treatment

Surgery and postoperative treatments are expensive. There are countless consultations, visits to specialists, meetings with surgeons, and getting checked in at the hospital, making your injury and pain last longer. That’s not even mentioning all the hassle of getting your finances squared away with insurance.

Being out of work for weeks to months is also costly, in more ways than one. Every day you’re stuck in a hospital bed is a day you’re not training or playing the game. Patients who choose prolotherapy are able to get back on their feet (literally) faster than ever and get back to work. For athletes who have a big game coming up, they need faster recovery times if they want to keep up. Without prolotherapy, a single injury might keep them out for the entire season.

Surgery: A Last Resort

Many athletes have heard the horror stories of surgery gone wrong. Potential complications range from nausea from anesthesia to accidental death. Surgery can lead to infections and permanent scar tissue as well.

Prolotherapy is an in-office treatment that requires no hospitalization or general anesthesia. There is no significant down time and formal post-op therapy is unnecessary.

Many athletes miss games and events due to injury. An entire career can be over from a bad tackle or muscle overexertion. With prolotherapy, you will be able to stay active.