Understanding Neural Therapy Injections

Neural therapy is a pain relief treatment option using superficial skin injections to promote healing of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). When trauma occurs to the body, an interference field is created which interrupts and redirects electrical signals sent through the ANS. The resulting miscommunications lead to pain elsewhere in the body, seemingly unrelated to the original injury. Neural therapy injection therapy from Dr. Neal Pollack in Milwaukee restores the communication of the ANS to stop pain and promote healing.

As with all medical procedures, there are a variety of benefits and risks patients need to understand before treatment. Learn more about neural therapy here:

Procaine and Lidocaine Complications

Neural therapy involves the injection of procaine or lidocaine into the body. If you have known allergies to anesthetics, neural therapy may not be right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pollack to determine if you are an ideal candidate for neural therapy injections.

All injection-based therapies carry the risk of infection from puncture wounds. This risk can be reduced with sterile needles, a clean injection site, and an expert like Dr. Pollack.

General Neural Therapy Side Effects

The greatest risk of neural injection therapy is organ puncturing. This is exceptionally rare. Dr. Pollack administers all injections slowly to ensure accuracy and safety for his patients. If your injections will be near the lungs or other organs, Dr. Pollack will discuss all the potential risks with you.

There may be some pain at the injection site from the needles. Any discomfort will pass within a day. Some minor bleeding, bruising, and numbness is not uncommon. Feeling faint immediately after is also likely if you have low blood pressure. Again, this passes very quickly once the injections are completed.

What Does Neural Therapy Treat?

Neural therapy was first used as a migraine pain relief treatment, though today it is used for many conditions. Some of these include:

If you have a chronic pain condition, arrange a consultation with Dr. Pollack to see if neural injection therapy is the right treatment for you.

The Benefits of Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is an alternative pain relief treatment to surgery or pain pills. Patients won’t have to pay for expensive surgeries or lifelong prescriptions with these injection treatments.

Neural therapy is also more convenient than surgery. On average, three to six treatments are needed. The exact amount will vary depending on the patient. Each appointment is in-office, requiring no hospitalization or overnight care.

Save time and money with neural therapy treatments in Milwaukee.

To learn more about the risks and benefits of neural therapy injections, contact Dr. Pollack.