Back pain is a common problem for many adults, and even mild pain can be especially debilitating during simple activities, like walking or even sitting. Ongoing back pain can be the result of an injury or underlying disease causing the joints, vertebrae or muscles to work incorrectly. Below are common causes of back pain which respond well to pain management treatment.

  • Muscle Strain – Lifting a heavy object or a sudden twisting movement can cause strain in the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing acute pain to radiate throughout the spine and legs. The pain can be so severe it can prevent walking or standing.
  • Sciatica – Each vertebra in our spine is cushioned with a cartilage disc between them, allowing us freedom of movement. Sometimes these discs can shift around, resulting in acute back pain and inflammation.
  • Spinal Stenosis – Also known as lumbar stenosis, spinal stenosis is when the nerves in the lower back become too compressed and result in severe pain. This condition can often lead to radiating pain in the lower back and legs, and tingling, weakness or numbness in the extremities.
  • Osteoarthritis – Arthritis is a common problem for many adults and seniors. Spinal osteoarthritis can cause significant stiffness or pain in the back, and may even cause weakness, tingling, or numbness in the extremities.

While back pain can seem devastating at times, it can be treated with the right treatment plan. With various back pain relief options like prolotherapy, the specialists at the Milwaukee Pain Clinic assure you it can be managed. Prolotherapy is a back pain treatment which has been proven to promote the growth and formation of new connective tissues in the spine without you having to undergo invasive surgery. If you’re suffering from any back condition which compromises your quality of life, the Milwaukee Pain Clinic is the answer for you.

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