Upper Back Pain – Find Relief at Our Milwaukee Clinic


If you’ve ever felt stiff and sore in your upper back, you’re not alone. With so many of us hunched over computer keyboards at work (or at home), and a widespread lack of good posture and physical conditioning, upper back pain has reached near epidemic proportions. Fortunately, the Milwaukee Pain Clinic offers treatment for most upper back pain cases. The Basics on Upper Back Pain Upper back pain is defined as pain in the region below the cervical spine (neck) and above the lower back area (lumbar spine).  The upper back area is known as the thoracic spine region, and [...]

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Back Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Back pain is a common problem for many adults, and even mild pain can be especially debilitating during simple activities, like walking or even sitting. Ongoing back pain can be the result of an injury or underlying disease causing the joints, vertebrae or muscles to work incorrectly. Below are common causes of back pain which respond well to pain management treatment. Muscle Strain - Lifting a heavy object or a sudden twisting movement can cause strain in the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing acute pain to radiate throughout the spine and legs. The pain can be so severe it can [...]

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How Spinal Decompression Can Relieve Your Back Pain


If you have chronic back problems, consider lumbar non-surgical decompression. It is available at Neurology and Pain Treatment and has proved to reduce and/or eliminate pain caused by herniated lumbar discs, sciatica, worn spinal joints, and injured nerve roots. Non-surgical decompression involves gently distracting the spinal muscles while opening the spine in order to balance force and position relationships. This therapy takes the pressure off your spinal discs and naturally encourages healing fluid flow. Non-surgical spinal decompression treatments are customized to each patient's needs. If you have back problems, we encourage you to become one of the many who have been [...]

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