Why Botox Injections are Good for More than Cosmetic Treatment

Most people think of Botox injections as a purely cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Yet this relaxant can provide incredible relief for patients with migraines and chronic pain conditions. Dr. Neal Pollack of Neurology & Pain Treatment in Milwaukee uses Botox therapy to help patients.

How Does Botox Treat Pain and Migraines?

Botulinum toxin can paralyze muscles and nerves. The paralyzing effect stops the transfer of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for communicating pain in the body. Injections of Botox at the site of chronic pain act as a natural relaxant, stopping painful nerve sensations in the area.

Botox therapy can be performed in our Milwaukee office in as little as 20 minutes without the need for anesthetic. Results may be instantaneous or need a few days to fully take effect. Multiple treatments, weeks or months apart, may be necessary to maintain the results. This will vary from patient to patient.

What chronic pain conditions does Botox treat?

Botox is most frequently used on patients with back or neck pain, though it can be used to address chronic pain almost anywhere in the body. Patients with migraines, headaches, and facial pain may find relief through Botox therapy.

Botox Therapy Eligibility in Milwaukee

As an outpatient injection therapy, almost anyone can be an eligible candidate for treatment. Some patients are allergic to Botox. Generally, the main complication from Botox is bruising at the injection site. A meeting with Dr. Pollack will determine whether Botox is the right treatment for your condition. Neurology & Pain treatment has many alternatives, including prolotherapy, to treat your chronic pain.

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