Botox: The Secret to End Migraines?


Why Botox Injections are Good for More than Cosmetic Treatment Most people think of Botox injections as a purely cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Yet this relaxant can provide incredible relief for patients with migraines and chronic pain conditions. Dr. Neal Pollack of Neurology & Pain Treatment in Milwaukee uses Botox therapy to help patients. How Does Botox Treat Pain and Migraines? Botulinum toxin can paralyze muscles and nerves. The paralyzing effect stops the transfer of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for communicating pain in the body. Injections of Botox at the site of chronic pain act as a natural relaxant, stopping [...]

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What Causes Migraines?


Migraine Headache Triggers and Treatments While the cause of migraines is unknown, relief from the pain is possible. Triggers can be identified to help you control the frequency and severity of your migraines. Migraines can also be preceded by an aura sensory which can warn an individual when a migraine is about to occur. Migraines have a very broad range of symptoms and pain levels and are very common amongst Americans. They are different from headaches which tend to be less severe. Migraines will usually include additional symptoms, such as sensitivity to light or nausea. Migraine Triggers It’s highly beneficial [...]

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Pain Relief for Migraines


Pain Relief for Migraines When it comes to migraine pain relief, Dr. Pollack understands the need for a natural treatment option. Patients are often unaware of the various treatment options available for migraines and are far to accustomed to taking pain medication. At Milwaukee Neurology & Pain Treatment center, we take a different approach. Rather than masking your pain, we work to eliminate it. Dr. Pollack determines the underlying cause of your pain and focuses on that specific area. Whether your migraines are caused by a central nervous system disorder, a vascular problem or you have chemical abnormalities, Dr. [...]

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